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Victoria Avenue/Victoria Quay in Shrewsbury to close to aid public safety and social distancing

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Victoria Avenue/Victoria Quay in Shrewsbury is to close to traffic every day from 11am to 11pm from today (Friday 21 August) until at least the end of September to enable social distancing and to make the road safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

From 11am to 11pm each day the road will be closed to traffic from its junction with the Quarry Swimming and Fitness Centre car park to its junction with the Welsh Bridge.

Follow this link to see a Map of Victoria Avenue and Victoria Quay road closure

Concerns have been raised about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists who use the road to access the town centre, the safety of people eating, drinking or queuing outside hospitality business premises, and the ability for people to follow the social distancing guidance whilst vehicles are also using the road.

During the closure:

  • The one-way system will be suspended on Priory Road to allow two-way traffic flow for access to residential properties and accesses off Priory Road.
  • The on-street pay and display bays on Priory Road between Claremont Bank and the Quarry Swimming and Fitness Centre car park will be suspended.
  • Quarry Swimming and Fitness Centre car park will remain open.
  • At all other times the restrictions will revert to those in place prior to 21 August, including the one-way system and contraflow cycle lane on Victoria Avenue/Victoria Quay.

Steve Davenport, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for highways and transport, said:

“The measures are being introduced in line with the latest Covid-19 advice from the Government, to allow us to address concerns about lack of space for social distancing due to the increased use of the area. The increased footfall has also led to concerns about the physical safety of pedestrians and cyclists from vehicles and this has also influenced the decision to close the road to traffic.

“We are aware that there may be impacts on local residents and other businesses and we would ask them to let us know what these are so that we can continue to review the position over the coming weeks, whilst ensuring that we provide adequate space for social distancing and keep everyone safe.”

The closure is being put in place under an emergency traffic order, and will be reviewed at the end of September.

Any questions or comments about the closure can be emailed to socialdistancingmeasures@shropshire.gov.uk.