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Museum of myth and fable to return to Shrewsbury after 18 years

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Mythstories museum of myth and fable is set to return to Shrewsbury after 18 years away to run a series of Shut Stories storywalks through the town.

An image of Amy Douglas who will be leading four guided tours of Shrewsbury for the Mythstories Shut Stories walks in summer 2019.

Amy Douglas will be leading four guided tours

Way back in 2001, Mythstories museum of myth and fable was in Carnarvon Lane in Shrewsbury.  The Regional Arts Lottery Programme declared 2001 ‘The Year Of The Artist’ so Mythstories got busy and asked storyteller Amy Douglas to work with community groups across the town to create memorable stories for each of Shrewsbury’s Shuts.


If you are not familiar with Shuts, they are those mysterious narrow passageways that thread their way from one broad street to another.  They are just asking for their stories to be told.

Amy worked with the Civic Society, the Town regeneration committee, the Visual Arts Network, Harlescott Women’s Group, Wilfred Owen School, Shropshire Radio listeners and Mythstories’ own Write Up Your Street after-schools club to name but a few.  Some may remember attending the premiere performance of all the tales at The Music Hall, now Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery.

Since then some of the stories have entered the canon of ‘traditional tales’ and have become part of the folklore of the town.

Mythstories thought this summer would be the ideal time to ask Amy to lead four Shut Stories storywalks through the town, retelling these tales.  After all, not only is 2019 Mythstories’ 20th anniversary year, but it also marks the museum’s return to the town after 18 years in Wem.

An image of an alleyway in Shrewsbury town centre. These streets will feature in Mythstories shut story walks.

Mythstories is returning to Shrewsbury this summer

The first of the Shut Stories 2019 Storywalks takes place this Wednesday 19 June 2019.  Tickets £5.00 / £4.00 in advance at Eventbrite.

Meet at The Frankwell Quay Entrance, University Centre Shrewsbury, Guildhall, Frankwell Quay, Shrewsbury, SY3 8HQ at 2pm for a 90 minute guided walk with stories of Shrewsbury’s Shuts suitable for ages 16 to 96.

If you are unlucky enough to miss this first walk, there are others on Wednesday 3 July, Thursday 11 July and Tuesday 23 July.  Each tour will feature a selection of the tales.

Mythstories receives funding from Shropshire Council and this celebratory series is also supported by Lottery Funding from Arts Council England.

Photos, information and the stories from the original 2001 project can be found in a free downloadable booklet on the Mythstories website.