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Guided bat walk at Llanymynech Heritage Area

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Shropshire Council rangers are delighted to welcome Mike Worsfold, a bat expert from the Shropshire Bat Group, to give a guided bat walk for adults around Llanymynech Heritage Area on Friday 10 August 2018. We will be identifying the different species of bats through echo location, using bat detectors.

The Bat Conservation Trust are the leading non-governmental organisation solely devoted to the conservation of bats and the landscapes. Bats play a vital role in our environment, but during the last century bat populations suffered severe declines. The Bat Conservation Trust are working to secure the future of bats in our ever-changing world by tackling the threats to bats, from persecution to loss of roosts and changing land use.

As part of the Bat Conservation Trust, the Shropshire Bat Group monitor and survey bats, particularly on this site in the Hoffman Limekilns which is prime habitat for bats. They also run a programme of bat box surveys in the summer.

The Bat Group also get involved with many activities including regular talks for members, attending local shows and events. The group also provide an annual winter programme of 10-12 evening training sessions for people working towards their bat roost visitor licence.

Join us for a bat filled evening with the Shropshire Bat Group.

The event will begin at the Stable Block (7 North Road, Llanymynech, SY22 6EZ) on Friday 10 August 2018, 8pm- 11pm.

Adult £3. Places on this event will be very limited – please contact Penny Wellman to book a place here: tel 07458 087305, email: penny.wellman@shropshire.gov.uk

Note: please remember to wear suitable clothes and footwear depending on weather (walking boots or wellies are preferable footwear) and please bring a torch.