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Partnership seeks views to ensure victims of domestic abuse are protected and receive the right support

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Residents and organisations across Shropshire are being encouraged to have their say on the new Domestic Abuse Strategy for Shropshire launched this week.

Shropshire’s Domestic Abuse Strategy 2018–2020, led by Shropshire’s Community Safety Partnership, details how organisations in Shropshire will be working together in order to prevent domestic abuse taking place, provide services to protect the victim and their families, and deal with perpetrators.

Agencies, organisations and residents are invited to view the document and provide comment.

Abuse in the home is one of the hardest issues to talk about and it often takes tremendous courage for victims to come forward, seek support, and talk about their experiences. Domestic abuse effects both female and male victims, as well as the children whose development is profoundly affected if they are exposed to witnessing domestic abuse.

Tackling domestic abuse is a key priority for the Shropshire Community Safety Partnership. The strategy’s aim is to improve services for victims of domestic abuse in Shropshire and respond effectively to domestic abuse. It also aims to assist partnerships and agencies across Shropshire in delivering a joined up response to those affected by domestic abuse, underpinned by a recognition and understanding that no single agency can address this complex issue in isolation.

Lee Chapman, Shropshire Council’s Cabinet member for health, adult social care and housing, said:

“Domestic abuse is an under-reported crime, as all too often violence and abuse remain unreported with many victims too afraid or embarrassed to seek help. This is why we know that reporting figures do not reflect the full picture.  

“It is therefore vital that we keep domestic abuse at the top of our agenda and addressing this can only be done through partnership working.  

“Shropshire’s Domestic Abuse Strategy for 2018-2020 represents a partnership commitment to tackle the issue head on. The draft strategy sets out how this is proposed to be done in Shropshire and we want to ensure that people have an opportunity to comment on the strategy and make any amendments.   

“Therefore I strongly encourage everyone to have their say on this strategy to help shape the way we support those who suffer from domestic abuse now and in the future.”

Shropshire’s Domestic Abuse Strategy 2018-2020 builds on previous domestic abuse strategies, and the Government’s Violence against Women and Girls Strategy, in order to support victims and to explore ways to encourage offenders to seek the assistance they need to change their behaviour.

To view and take part in the consultation visit http://shropshire.gov.uk/get-involved/domestic-abuse-strategy-2018-2020/. Deadlines for submissions is Friday 22 December 2017.

If you are worried or frightened by your partner or ex-partner, a family member or someone close to you, please call one of the following:

National 24hour Domestic Violence Helpline0808 2000 247
Shropshire Domestic Abuse Helpline 24hour0800 7831 359
M.A.L.E (Men’s Advice Line)0808 801 0327
Lesbian and Gay Foundation0845 330 3030


For support, help and advice in regards to domestic abuse you can call Shropshire Domestic Abuse Service on: 0300 303 1191 or email: sdas@shropsdas.org.uk This service operates Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

REMEMBER – In an emergency always call the police on 999

Further information

Shropshire’s Domestic Abuse Strategy 2018–2020 has been produced by Shropshire Domestic Abuse Forum (SDAF), on behalf of Shropshire’s Community Safety Partnership. The document has been developed in consultation with a wide range of agencies, organisations and individuals.