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Blog: Dry January – Joanne

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During this month, we’re issuing people’s views and experiences about their Dry January 2016 challenge.

Today, Joanne – a further update (scripted Thursday 21 January):-

Well they say it takes 21 days of healthy eating and working out for it to become a habit, and I have to agree. I’m really enjoying the new me: sober, clear-headed, exercising, eating and sleeping well, and hopefully a few lbs down too (not weighing until the end of January).

Nearly had a slip up last weekend when the landlord poured me a spritzer instead of a lime and soda and, as they are nearly the same colour, I took a sip. Oh no I thought, that’s it, I’ve broken Dry January. After hubby got over the shock of me sending it straight back to the bar, he reassured me that one sip does not undo my abstinence – phew!

Family and colleagues are quite amazed at my self-control as I was a daily drinker, so this is a real turnaround for me and a lifestyle change I am embracing. Hubby and kids are also enjoying the fact that I can drive everywhere – Jo le taxi is my new name. (You have to be a certain age to remember that song from the 80s!)

Anyway, surprisingly I’m not actually counting the days until 31 Jan, and will allow myself a little tipple if we go out in February and I’m not driving, but somehow I think this is the turning point for me: at last my family cheer!